An easier way to buy beer

By Jenny Yuen, Toronto Sun

The Beer Store. (Postmedia Network File Photo)

The Beer Store. (Postmedia Network File Photo)

Getting beer may become easier than hops, a skip and a jump.

The Beer Store announced Monday it plans to launch Beer Xpress, a new app for iPhone and Android users that lets you pre-pay your order and arrange a time for pick-up, according to a media advisory.

Details are vague, but according to Canadian tech website Mobilesyrup, the Beer Store has also revealed “a new streamlined purchasing system that features an in-store interactive ‘Beer Wall’ that display available beer, pricing and information regarding each brewer on tablets.”

LCBO said it plans on rolling out its own e-commerce later this year, which will include home delivery and in-store pick-up. LCBO spokesman Christine Bujold said it will look “very different” than what the Beer Store is doing.

“Some stores have been doing a thing where you can put in your order and let them know what you want and then pick it up four hours later,” she said. “It’s been one of those things we’ve been testing, but haven’t formally launched. I think what we’re looking at is a very different thing.”