Music shop gives vinyl a spin

By Susan Gamble, Brantford Expositor

The Pat Alonzo Music Shop is taking a step back in time to get into the groove.

The Charing Cross Street shop has brought back vinyl albums, along with turntables, needles, cartridges and other accessories.

"We noticed a lot of resurgence and interest in vinyl," said Angel Jansen, daughter of the store's proprietors, Pat and Marilyn Alonzo. "And we thought, 'Why not give it a shot?'

"We have about 250 albums available and it's going to keep growing. So far, the response has been great."

Jansen's brother, Chris, is the store's sales manager.

After years of moving toward digital tunes, many music lovers are being drawn to the sound and culture of vinyl, Jansen said.

"The sound quality is so much better on vinyl and people like to pick up an album and get the artwork on it. Most vinyl now comes with a digital download, as well, and some even have posters.

"I have a 15-year-old daughter and all her friends want to get turntables and start a vinyl collection," she said.

The store has a vinyl cleaning machine and offers a variety of turntables that often come with speakers and a digital plug-in option. The turntables start at $100 but the store has the units priced from $300 to $1,000 and can place special orders for customers.

Alonzo's started offering vinyl at the end of February. It will hold an open house to showcase its vinyl collection on Saturday.

Customers are invited to stop in for coffee and record-shaped cookies.


A married couple has opened a Paris office offering full-service investment advice under the Edward Jones banner.

Zachary and Emilie Vlaar opened their office at 3 Elm St. at the end of January. It's a sort of homecoming for Zachary, a financial adviser, who grew up in Paris.

"His family is here and he's very familiar with the community," said Emilie.

Edward Jones has four offices in Brantford, There are more than 11,000 offices in the U.S. and 550 so far in Canada.

"We're growing," said Emilie, who is the branch office administrator.

"In every location there's an adviser and an administrator," she said.

"Edward Jones works with long-term, serious financial investments, life insurance and goal planning. It's not for people who are jumping in and out of the stock market."

The couple plan to offer occasional seminars and monthly coffee chats.

"We sit down once a month just to talk about investment issues and let people ask any questions they want or just sit and listen," said Emilie.

Those interested can get on the mailing list by calling 519-442-9769 or emailing Emilie at