Brant promotes tree planting

By Michael-Allan Marion, Brantford Expositor



PARIS – Brant County is encouraging residents to embrace the Ontario 50 Million Trees program and start planting more trees on their properties to increase their value and improve the environment.

“The county supports the planting of trees under this program, recognizing the environmental and economic benefits it brings to the community,” said Coun. David Miller, chairman of the county’s tree conservation committee.

“Our committee wants to promote more tree planting. This is a good program and we’re trying to get more word out about it. There are probably many landowners in the county who have some property they could use to plant a large number of trees.”

The Ontario government has committed to planting 50 million trees by 2025. So far its program has helped more than 4,000 landowners across the province get involved.

“Planting trees is a practical way to get more from your property, give back to the community, and help the environment,” the program says on the Forests Ontario website at

“Work with us and you can increase the value of your land, improve the quality of your soil, increase wildlife habitat, enhance recreational opportunities improve the overall health of the environment and leave a lasting legacy.

The program was inspired by global efforts to plant billions of trees worldwide each year, and was designed with Ontario landowners in mind. Landowners with some space to spare can help the province reduce the costs of large-scale tree planting and make it more economical to plant more trees.

The program covers up to 90 per cent of the cost through subsidies under the managed forest tax incentive program. It’s also possible to get a savings on property taxes if 10 acres of trees are planted or if an existing forest is expanded by more than 10 acres.

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Who Is Eligible

Brant County is urging residents with enough land to join the Ontario 50 Trees program. To be eligible for subsidies and tax breaks, any suitable landowner must:

• Own at least one hectare (2.5 acres) of suitable land;

• The land must be open, or mostly open, and has not been defined as a woodland under the Ontario Forestry Act since Dec. 31, 1999;

• Sign a 15-year management agreement to maintain any trees that have been planted;

• Practise good forestry management habits;

• Assume the additional costs associated with the ongoing maintenance of planted trees.

To confirm eligibility, fill out an online landowner registration form or call Forests Ontario at 1-877-646-1193.