OPP find valuables in plain view in vehicles during Lock It or Lose It blitz in Ingersoll, Norwich and Tillsonburg

QMI Agency photo

QMI Agency photo

The Oxford County Auxiliary OPP were out in Tillsonburg, Ingersoll and Norwich over the past two weeks checking to see if parked vehicles in core areas were locked and valuables hidden.

Auxiliary officers checked 211 vehicles and found 15 vehicles left with windows open and 19 had valuable property in plain view, including cell phones, GPS units, purses/wallets, ipods and other assorted valuables.

A high percentage of the vehicles were found locked in the areas that were checked but of those, 17 had valuables in plain view.

These Lock It Or Lose It initiatives will continue.

"If a thief finds an opportunity, they will take advantage of it every time, which means you are going to become a victim of crime,” said Staff Sergeant Greg Dafoe in a release. “These thefts can and will occur in both heavily populated neighbourhoods along with rural areas. Do your part and help us reduce property crime in your communities."

The OPP encourage vehicle owners to roll up your vehicle windows; keep your valuables out of sight; lock your doors; pocket your keys; and never leave your vehicle unattended while it is running.