LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Our vehicle, our future, in Mexico

As the Cami strike comes to an end, it is with a heavy heart that we must face the reality that GM is shipping good paying Canadian jobs to Mexico.

It began with the Terrain where 400-plus workers lost their job in favour of cheaper labour and it ends with this: a contract that cannot guarantee job security.

Ingersoll is a city that heavily relies on the people of Cami to sustain the economy. This quickly went from affecting the 2,800 workers to the almost 13,000 people of Ingersoll.

Cami workers, for four weeks, showed their solidarity on the picket lines but GM refused to give in to their demand for job security. The families and people that will be displaced over the next few years due to this movement of labour will be felt throughout many cities and for many years to come.

As the daughter of a Cami worker, who has been working six days a week for eight years, it is disheartening to see that this is how GM is repaying their employees. I guess this just goes to show how much GM values hard working Canadians who have dedicated countless hours to the production of their vehicles.

Natalie Davis, Guelph