Norwich curling season starts

 Kathy Sayeau/For the Norwich Gazette

It is hard to believe that fall is here but happily with fall comes another season of curling in Norwich. With our beautiful new steel roof installed this summer, the Norwich District Curling Club is good to go.

A dedicated team of volunteers helped ice tech Chris Fordham get ice installed in record time, and the rocks are rolling.

Monday daytime curlers were the first on the ice, followed by all the other leagues each night of the week. There is a spot for everyone who has ever wondered what it is like to "slide" and "hurry hard" and you are welcome here in Norwich.

Want to give it a try? There is still time to get in on classes. In six weeks you will be comfortable on the ice and sliding like the pros and ready to join in a draw before Christmas. If you don't see a bright yellow Learn to Curl sign around town, the number to call is 519-863-2079. You can also find information at or Facebook. See you on the ice and in the house.