First draws wrapping up at Norwich Curling Club

Recent activities at the Norwich District Curling Club saw a tier 55 bonspiel, sponsored by the Graham family, bring 12 teams together for a fun day of curling.

After a noon hour meal convened by Donna Jean Graham, the last games of the day saw the Harley Jackson team from Tillsonburg emerge as winner of the first draw and Wayne Welsh skipping his Simcoe team to victory in the second draw.

This bonspiel was co-ordinated by Cliff Bertrand who also sponsored under the banner of Oxford Signs and Graphics. Huge thanks to Bertrand and Graham for their work on this bonspiel.

In league play, Thursday night winners are the team of Jaycee and Chris Toole, with Justin Hoogstraten and Jennifer Grant.

Taking home top prize on Friday nights mixed draw were Richard and Marlene Learn, with Dave Janssens and Al Povoledo completing the team.

Leading the race on Tuesday nights is Chris Fordham in a tight race with Donna Jean Graham.

Second draws are starting before Christmas with new curlers being welcomed to “the sport for all ages”. Daytime curlers are finishing off with a noon hour potluck and social time.