Weather, holidays slow garbage pickup in Brant

By Michael-Allan Marion, Brantford Expositor

PARIS – County of Brant staff have issued an apology to residents for delays in the collection of garbage in the first week of the new year.
“Waste collection has been delayed due to very cold weather, volume of waste and other operational challenges with the holiday schedule,” Rob Walton, director of infrastructure services said Wednesday in a notice posted on the county’s website.
At that point, Emterra, the county’s solid waste contractor, was a day and a half behind schedule.
“The County of Brant and Emterra apologize for this inconvenience,” said Walton.
“We sincerely thank residents for their patience and understanding.”
Staff are hoping collection will be back on schedule by Saturday,” said Walton.
“Emterra is working as hard as possible to get the situation back on track. Extra trucks have been put on the road. We are encouraging residents to keep their waste tidy to make it as efficient as possible for the workers to collect.”
So anxious are public works staff to keep residents informed that they have committed to posting updates at noon and 4 p.m. on the main page of the county’s website at and Facebook (search County of Brant @BrantCommunity).
Walton said collection got behind due to a combination of circumstances. They including extremely cold weather and snow, mechanical problems with trucks and shifting of days during the holiday season.
“The cold slows the drivers down. They have to deal with big banks and waste being hidden in the banks from the wind blowing snow,” he said.
“Let’s face it, for a driver it’s a harder day when the temperature is as low as it has been and there’s snow blowing everywhere.”
Shifting the schedule of pickup days across the county during the holiday period also hampered collection, Walton added. People may forget their day has changed and end up putting out twice the garbage the following week.
“Because of that, we’re scrambling to catch up in some areas.
Walton noted that the annual Christmas tree collection will be delayed by a week so that all resources can be directed to catching up on garbage pickup.
The Christmas tree collection scheduled for the week of January 2 to 6, and January 8 to 12, will be delayed by one week.
Christmas trees should be put at curbside on the regular collection day during the week of either Jan. 8 or 15. Anyone who has already placed a Christmas tree at curbside is asked to remove it and place it back out for collection on the newly scheduled days.
As an alternative, residents may dispose of Christmas trees at the waste management facilities at no charge until Jan. 31. The resident’s name and address must be provided.