Petition asks for speed control, school zone on County Rd 14

 Norwich Gazette staff

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

Norwich Township councillors have agreed to entertain a petition by residents along County Road 14 to control speeding along the road and to reduce the speed limit in the area of East Oxford Central Public School.

The petition was presented at council’s Jan. 9 meeting and included the signatures of more than 40 residents of County Road 14 from Towerline Road in the north to Highway 59 in the south.

The petition states:

“We the residents of County Road 14 in North Norwich Township in the County of Oxford are eligible voters and request the action be taken on the excessive speed on the said roadway. A recent survey utilizing the OPP speed sign put the average speed through the area at 105 km/hr.

“We also request that our school, East Oxford Public School, be marked on County Road 14 as a school zone and reduce speed limits to 60 kilometers in a specified area or as stated in the Highway Traffic Act. Vehicles speeding past the school buses when turning or stopping is endangering the children boarding or disembarking the bus. We are concerned that with the excess speed and large dust-making farm equipment, that the danger of a mishap or fatal accident is sure to happen.”

Township CAO Kyle Kruger said council supported the petition and forwarded the matter for discussion with the County of Oxford and the road falls under the upper tier’s jurisdiction. The matter will also be discussed with the OPP at an upcoming Norwich Police Services board meeting.