Home Hardware bantam LL team starts second half of season

It's been a rough start to the second half of the season for the Norwich Home Hardware bantam LL team after finishing strong in the first half.

Their first game in the second half against Delhi1 ended in a 4-1 loss, followed by a 2-2 tie against Burford.

The Norwich bantam team went on to play hard for a 2-1 win at home facing Paris 1. Unfortunately it seems the team has hit a slump with two losses back-to-back, but with their continued dedication, communication, strategic game plays and hard work, they can come back and finish this season out with some great entertaining wins.

The first half of the season started out great for the Home Hardware bantams.

With a 6-1 win in their first game against Port Dover, they went on to beat Langton 6-0, Waterford(2) 9-0, Six Nations(1) 3-1, followed by two losses against Delhi(1) 4-1, and Delhi(2) 4-2. The team finished off their second month of the season with a 2-2 tie against Waterford (1) and four more wins, Ingersoll 4-2, Six Nations(2) 7-1, Tillsonburg 5-1, and Six Nations(2) 3-1.

With a 2-1 win against Burford, both goals scored by Justin Sikma and assisted by Lucas Wright, followed by a 1-1 tie against Simcoe, goal scored by Jayden Horinga.

Norwich Home Hardware bantam LL would prove to be the team to beat with each player contributing to each game. With the fast paced games and communication amongst the players, they would go on to win against Paris(2) 5-4, goals by Sikma, Horinga, Lee Wright, Horinga and Aiden Simpson. Paris(1) 1-0 win, Horinga.

In the final game of the first half, they would face one of the top bantam LL teams, Langton(2). With fantastic passing, communication, hard work, and an energetic coaching staff’s encouraging words, Norwich Home Hardware Bantam LL would end with a 4-3 win securing a position in the 'A' division for the second half.

The positive attitude amongst this team is quite impressive, with every player contributing and playing hard.

This year’s roster includes, goalie Isaac Orth, forwards Jayden Horinga, Aiden Simpson, Dawson Jewett-McMillan, Justin Sikma, Justin Feyen, Lucas Wright, Roger Siple, Ethan Clement, defense Nolan Yates, Caden Parciak, Nathan Sikma, Dylan Nold and Hope Walters. Coaching staff includes Glen Sikma, Lee Wright, Donnie Handsaeme and Greg Simpson.