Tim Horton's Timbits Jr. IP hockey team keeps improving

The Tim Horton’s Timbits JR. IP team has been enjoying learning and participating in their hockey games since the new year, putting their newly learned skills and enthusiasm towards each game.

Their second game was on Jan. 13 and was the first home game of the year. Playing against Delhi, the team seemed to show a lot more confidence after getting the first game under their belts. Several team members scored during this game including, Raegen Sprague with three goals, Tate Vanderhout, Alex Sayer and Gemma McAllister all scoring once on the net.

The second game was on Jan. 20 in Port Dover. It was a very good and close game with McAllister and Sprague each scoring two goals, while Mallory Bremner scored one. The players seem to really be improving their skills and skating ability which has been helping with their games.

Jan. 27 the JR. IP team was back on home ice against Port Dover and they were on fire. Scoring is not kept in this level but if they did, Norwich would have won by a landslide. Sprague score five goals, McAllister four goals, Sayer and Vanderhout each scored two goals, Elliot Wells scored one.

The JR. IP team has enhanced greatly since starting hockey in September. The skills taught to them during practice have been showing up in their games. They are learning to pass, handle the puck and become a team.