Oxford county paid councillors $363, 832 in 2017, but still came in under budget

By Heather Rivers, Woodstock Sentinel-Review

The Oxford County Administration building in Woodstock.

The Oxford County Administration building in Woodstock.

The County of Oxford paid out a total of $363, 832 last year for salaries, expenses and honorariums for committee work of municipal politicians.

That’s an increase of $1,251 or 0.3 per cent from 2016 but still under budget by $26,631.

Information on councillor remuneration, as required under the municipal act, is documented in an online report and will be reviewed by county councillors Wednesday.

According to the report, Warden David Mayberry took home the highest salary at $87,105, followed by former deputy warden Trevor Birtch, who received $30,401.

County councillor Sandra Talbot received a salary of $26,219.

A council salary of $26,135 was issued to county councillors Don McKay, Stephen Molnar, Margaret Lupton, Deborah Tait, Ted Comiskey, Marion Wearn and Larry Martin.

The highest amount recorded by a councillor for travel and expenses was $2,551 for Birtch, followed by Mayberry with $1,944, Lupton with $1,389, Molnar with $931 and Comiskey with $363.

The remainder of the councillors reported no expenses.

In the seminars, training and conferences category, Birtch claimed $3,998, while Mayberry claimed $2,201, Molnar reported $2,136 and McKay weighed in at $1,686.

No other councillors made claims in that category.

The remainder of the payments went to municipal counsellors for honorariums for library board, land division, accessibility and court security committees.

Other funds were paid to municipal councillors for sitting on conservation authorities including Catfish Creek, Grand River, Long Point, and Upper Thames.

A full list of those funds can be found at