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Trillium time

Mother’s Day provides a fine opportunity for a picnic or barbecue in a woods, and also to enjoy an undeniably beautiful and bountiful display of wildflowers. This year’s late and compressed spring may have contributed to the fact trilliums (both white and red – the latter also known as wake robins) and dog-tooth violets were in simultaneous bloom S

Gopher Dunes Mud Fest: Photos

Gopher Dunes hosted its annual Mud Fest Good Friday just south-west of Courtland, attracting a full field of four-wheel-drive enthusiasts along with their families and friends.

Jeff Tribe/Tillsonburg News New Democratic Party and the Official Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair (right) shares a smile and discussion with Micki Tremblay (left) and Brad Martin (centre) of Martin Farms, Wednesday morning in Tillsonburg at the Erie Structures greenhouse plant. Mulcair stopped in for a tour and a discussion that revolved around jobs, sustainability and local food.

Mulcair visits Tillsonburg

Tom Mulcair sincerely hopes Canada does not face another referendum on Quebec independence.

The annual St. John’s Anglican Church Outreach Committee Shower Saturday morning at the church included (front row, left to right): Ellie Ward and Mary Lou Sergeant; and in the back row, Marily Spice and Eric Schmiedl of Operation Sharing; and Elaine Balpataky and Sharron Hurst, pictured here with some of the shower gifts.

Homelessness here in Oxford

It would be convenient to label homelessness as an issue exclusive to major cities.

'Dam pretty'

Pictures of an ice-clad Niagara Falls are making the rounds on Facebook, but those seeking a ‘live’, admittedly smaller, yet still impressive view, can take a short tour to Otterville and check out Mother Nature’s ice sculptures from that community’s dam’s crest to its base and beyond. The viewing window may be a comparatively short one, given a we

A solid perch, largest of the day reeled in in ice hut number two, Friday. Jeff Tribe/Tillsonburg News

Aussies hooked on ice fishing

Their land is home to a who’s who of the world’s nastier creatures: the inland Taipan and eastern brown snakes and the funnel-web and redback spiders; its shorelines caressed by waters containing the Irukandji and Australian box jellyfish, as well as the blue-ridged octopus, stone fish and banded sea krait.

Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital is upgrading patient safety and care with the implementation of the Healthcare UnderGoing Optimization (HUGO) program. HUGO utilizes electronic technology for ordering tests, prescribing medication and adding barcoding, a shift from a paper process in order to help ensure the right patient is receiving the right medication at the right time. Pictured here, with an Omnicell automated dispensing cabinet, are: from left to right, are: Pharmacy Tech Christine Bailey, Pharmacy Services Coordinator Brian Fathers, and RN Mariya Pops. Jeff Tribe/Tillsonburg News

Big brother HUGO 'watching' at TDMH

Benevolent ‘big brother HUGO’ will be helping watch over health care at Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital beginning January 22nd.

Oxford Centre coyote-hunting gang member Robert Hird with a pair of his Walker Foxhound/July crosses. Jeff Tribe/Tillsonburg News

Dog days of winter

It’s more about the dogs than the coyotes for Robert Hird.

Oxford hospitals Joint Services Plan update

Work continues on the work in progress that is Oxford County’s Joint Services Plan (JSP) related to Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital, Alexandra Hospital in Ingersoll and Woodstock Hospital.

Truck/train collision closes Ostrander Road

The driver of a transport truck was taken to Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries following a collision with a train Friday morning on Ostrander Road between Plank Line and Cranberry Line.

Tillsonburg Agricultural Society Fair Board President Mike Dean is excited about next week’s 159th version of Tillsonburg’s annual late-summer tradition. The fair opens Thursday and runs through Sunday. Jeff Tribe/Tillsonburg News

Tillsonburg fair opens next Thursday

Tillsonburg Fair Board President Mike Dean is looking back a weekend even as he looks forward to the 159th Annual Tillsonburg Agricultural Society Fair.

Jeff Tribe and Darryl Smart battle through one of many barriers. Bethanie Wood/Tillsonburg News Student Placement

Otter Creek odyssey - if you go

Well, the majority advice would probably be ‘don’t’. But if you’re determined to challenge the Otter from Otterville to Rock’s Mills, or some portion thereof, you should consider taking: