Thane Burnett, QMI Agency

Thane Burnett (QMI Agency)



Using our DNA against us

Locked securely inside you sits the most valuable and private data you'll ever know — your own biological blueprint.

Dr. Henry Morgentaler. (REUTERS)

Dr. Henry Morgentaler dead at 90

His years were a symbol of defiance, national divisions and historic debate over when life begins and when its start could surgically become an end.

Shawn Cox. (Thane Burnett/QMI Agency)

Shawn Cox not your average trucker

Take a 45-year-old Ontario dad and weld on a hefty mustache, bolt down the ball cap and fuel with bologna sandwiches and smokes, and you would think you’ve created a solidly built Canadian trucker.

Selling paintings for the past 31 years on the streets of Quebec City, Louis Carbonneau believes: “There will always be those people who want to keep (separatism) alive, but the people don’t want it.” (Thane Burnett/QMI Agency)

A sense of conflict has never quite vanished in Quebec

I'm searching for Rene Levesque's remains. I know his grave must be here in the Sillery district, but people point in conflicting directions. We now know the champion of a separated Quebec was a fractured figure, but his unrealized designs for Quebec left a mark on the province, even now.

Dipping a toe ... and feet in Halifax Harbour. Will soon travel west. (QMI Agency)

Road stories: Crossing Canada on the search for our greatest year

More than 6,000 kilometers, jumping on buses, trains and grabbing rides with strangers when I can, I'll travel from my hometown of Halifax to Vancouver. Along the way, I'll be asking you and other Canadians to tell me about our best year.

Diner food. (Mike Drew/QMI AGENCY file photo)

Rules of the road: 1963 or bust

To follow the spirit of a voyage across Canada in 1963 — by bus, car and train -- here are some of the ways I'll be travelling in the past as well as the small print that will keep me connected to you in 2013.